Places in Washington

The 12 Days of Christmas in Washington makes stops all around Washington state.  The sights of Seattle include the museums, downtown and the Pike Place Market.

There is a trip on a Puget Sound ferryboat to take in some whale watching near the San Juan Islands.  The

There is a trip to a ranch near Ellensburg where the cousins go horseback riding and have some cowboy fun. 

Spokane makes for a fun visit to Waterfront Park, and the snowy wonders of 'White Christmas'.

Other places visited include:

12 boats a-blinking, in the Lake Washington Christmas Ships Parade
11 skiers whooshing, in Riverfront Park in Spokane
10 apples gleaming, near Wenatchee
9 cowboys crooning, near Omak & Ellensburg
8 wild wonders, at the Tacoma Zoo
7 jets a-zooming, over downtown Seattle
6 giant footprints, near Mt. Rainier
5 golden trout, at Pike Place Market
4 alpenhorns, in Leavenworth
3 huge whales, in the San Juan Islands
2 ferryboats, crossing Puget Sound
and a goldfinch in a hemlock tree.