Invite the Author!

School Presentations:
I'd love to visit your school!  I have illustrated and written more than 50 children's books, so I have lots of information to share. My presentations are a combination of slide-shows, in-class drawings and sharing finished art. I demonstrate how picture-books are created using traditional and digital materials.

I show the process used to go from rough ideas about artwork and writing to a finished book. I use the same process in both the pictures and the writing. My books all begin with an idea and inspiration and rough sketches, which are refined to the final book.  Each session lasts about an hour.

Grade Levels:
I speak to schools and libraries in all grade levels from K-12. I tailor the information to the grade levels, especially with digital details involved in making computer art. Group sizes of 60 or less.

Fee for school visits:
The basic fee for school visits is $350 for a half day and $700 for a full day.  A full day would be 4 one-hour sessions.  Sessions might include a  book signing (the book signing is optional and at no cost) .

Schools more than an hour away might require an extra travel fee. Please look through my schools site for more information and email me for schedule and details.

Making Books & Technology:
In school & classroom visits, I demonstrate how picture-books are created. In this process I use pencils, computers and creatvity to go from the idea and the rough draft to final published book.

* Sessions: Presentations last around an hour for each session and focus on creating artwork and stories to make a book. Maximum of three sessions a day.

* Books: I explain how books are put together from the blank page to the printed book, sharing rough layouts, first sketches, how type & art relate. I share ideas for books that students might make.

* Art: I do drawing demonstrations of simple art techniques that can help anyone to draw better. I show how a book begins from rough sketches and progresses to a finished dummy. I talk about developing characters and how the editorial process works to come up with the final book.

* Computers: I work in both digital and real mediums, so I can also cover various technical and computer related aspects of making digital artwork.

* Book signing & ordering:
I'm happy to sign any books, including older books brought from home. Schools and libraries can order books if they like from my publishers or online. There is no obligation to buy books, it's just an option.

* Locations: My school visits usually are in the Seattle area. But I'm open to traveling to new places.